SqSave launches DoGoodTM for Positive Social Impact

DoGoodTM is a micro philanthropic and social investing innovation by SqSave – as a better alternative to traditional cash - where a donor can gift investment portfolios to help a DoGood Beneficiary build a financial nest egg for the future

28 February 2022, Singapore – Building on SqSave’s innovative Gift-a-Portfolio (learn more) feature in 2021 and the outperformance of SqSave’s AI-driven global investment portfolios (learn more), SqSave has launched DoGoodTM as a crowd investing initiative for positive social impact.

With DoGoodTM, donors now have an alternative to traditional cash giving. Apart from the old-style flag days mounted by non-profit organisations, many well-meaning would-be donors have held back from helping others through cash giving – because of the social stigma that “my cash is not enough to make a difference”. With digitalisation and fintech, this problem is solved with SqSave’s DoGoodTM.

Unlike cash gifts or donations, investments will grow. Thanks to SqSave’s fully AI-driven investment engine, anyone can invest in a globally diversified portfolio for as little as ONE Dollar. Yes, ONE Dollar is less than a cup of coffee today!

The latest SqSave reference portfolios show what is inside a ONE Dollar portfolio (learn more). Imagine the power of SqSave’s artificial intelligence applied to investing as demonstrated in the uncanny reallocation away from Fixed Income to Gold in January 2022 (learn more). This machine orchestrated investment decision has helped cushion our SqSave portfolios as Gold broke out and appreciated – during the ongoing Russia-Ukraine confrontation.

“Unlike traditional cash giving, DoGoodTM focuses on building a nest egg for future needs. DoGoodTM is our latest digital innovation that allows anyone to do good”, said Victor Lye, Founder & CEO of SqSave. “Having been a community volunteer for over 20 years, I believe DoGoodTM is suitable for situations where there is a low-income family with a child suffering from Down Syndrome or other dilapidating conditions such as cerebral palsy or other intellectual and/or physical disabilities that limit self-care or require additional care in the future adult years. Imagine the needs when the current caregivers are no longer able or around”.

SqSave is launching with two pilot Beneficiaries (learn more):

  1. DoGood for Wan Lin – Bedridden after a high fever at the age of 3, Wan Lin sees the same ceiling every time she opens her eyes. Sadly, her father, whom the SqSave DoGoodTM team interviewed to assess Wan Lin’s suitability, passed away recently. This only underscores the need for DoGoodTM as Wan Lin’s mother now becomes the sole primary caregiver (learn more).
  2. DoGood for Luqman – Diagnosed with Down Syndrome since birth, Ahmad Luqman has been living his best as a son to his ageing parents. Now aged 36, Luqman’s future is a concern for the family with limited financial resources (learn more).

DoGoodTM is powered by the SqSave AI-driven investment engine (learn more) which uses AI to invest globally and to manage risks 24/7 by diversifying across multiple investment assets based on statistical probabilities of future risks versus returns – which is humanly impossible.


For media enquiries, please contact:
Victor Lye, Founder & CEO
+65 6631 8933

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