SqSave launches MoneyBoxTM with a projected return of 1.65% per annum

MoneyBoxTM allows investors to target attractive yields using SqSave’s AI system and bridges the gap between traditional bank savings and SqSave’s globally diversified investment portfolios

28 October 2021, Singapore — Following the outperformance of SqSave’s AI-driven global investment portfolios (click here to learn more), SqSave is launching MoneyBoxTM as a new cash management service for clients.

Starting from as low as ONE Dollar, as in the case of SqSave’s global investment portfolios, MoneyBoxTM is projected to deliver 1.65% per annum. SqSave’s quantitative team will monitor the performance of MoneyBoxTM and will adjust the projected target yield from time to time. According to data analytics work done by SqSave’s quantitative investment team, MoneyBoxTM is projected to generate 2.28% per annum. However, the team has decided to implement a factor of conservatism to set the projected return at 1.65% per annum.

“MoneyBoxTM is a timely addition to our top performing SqSave global portfolios. Clients now have an alternative to park and grow their idle cash. There are no fees and clients can withdraw at any time without penalties”, said Mr Victor Lye, Founder & CEO of PIVOT Fintech which designed and operates the unique AI-driven SqSave digital investment service (www.sqsave.com).

SqSave is the only fully automated AI-driven robo-investing platform in Singapore, with no human intervention needed to manage the investments. The fully digital customer interface is user-friendly and features a gamification algorithm to assess the risk-reward psychometrics to automatically recommend an investment portfolio risk setting. Each SqSave account holder has full flexibility to set up as many investment portfolios as desired - called “goals”. Once the goal is funded, the SqSave AI algorithm takes over and invests the money 24/7 in a globally diversified portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Mr Lye added, “We are pleased to offer MoneyBoxTM which will serve both retail and high net worth investors who want enhanced returns over traditional savings products. Our quantitative investment team is working to offer AI-driven thematic portfolios in the coming months.”

MoneyBoxTM comes on the heels of the recent Novum Alpha Global Opportunity Digital Assets Fund (NAGODAF) launched under PIVOT Wealth (www.pivotwealth.sg) which serves Accredited Investors.

For media enquiries, please contact:
Victor Lye, Founder & CEO
+65 6631 8933

About SqSave

SqSave is the consumer brand of PIVOT Fintech Pte. Ltd. (www.pivotfintech.com) – a venture founded by Mr Victor Lye who has over 25 years’ leadership in investments, insurance and healthcare. SqSave uses machine learning AI to predict risks and returns based on the Markowitz Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory. Featuring proprietary gamified algorithms developed by founder Victor Lye to make risk profiling fun and jargon-free, SqSave aspires to bring Smart Investing to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. Through SqSave, PIVOT Fintech hopes to find partners in the region to improve the lives of the un(der)served.