PIVOT’s wins SBR Technology Excellence Award 2020 for Fintech Start-ups

21 July 2020 — PIVOT uses AI machine learning techniques to deliver fully automated smart investing solutions for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

In Singapore, PIVOT operates SqSave (www.sqsave.com) which allows anyone to invest globally in a risk-diversified way. Simply decide how much to deposit and set your risk profile. Withdraw anytime and top-up anytime. No need for technical knowledge or day-to-day decisions. Start with any amount.

Apart from PIVOT’s innovative AI investing algorithms, PIVOT also improves on traditional questionnaire-based risk profiling with gamification and psychometric data analytics to assess an investor's risk-reward behaviour.

PIVOT’s innovative gamification of risk profiling psychometrics was recognised by the distinguished judging panel at the SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2020.

The SBR Technology Excellence Awards recognises companies with the most disruptive products and solutions that transform industries and business models to meet the changing needs and expectations of customers and clients.

“PIVOT is honoured to be given this prestigious and important award. As a fintech start-up with limited capital, PIVOT has to work harder than the legacy players to push boundaries and add value to clients,” said Victor Lye, PIVOT’s Founder & CEO.

According to CMG’s managing editor, Paul Howell, the awards were deliberated by an elite panel that included Daryl Pereira, Head of Cyber at KPMG; Cheang Wai Keat, Head of Advisory Services in Singapore and ASEAN Technology Consulting Leader at Ernst & Young; Chin Chee Choon, Advisory Leader and Assurance Director at Nexia TS; Partner and Acting Head of Intellectual Property and Technology Practice Group at RHTLaw Asia; and Carolyn Chin-Parry, Managing Director and Digital Accelerator Leader at PwC.

For more information about PIVOT’s gamification innovation, read “Applying Serious Gaming to Improve Risk Profiling Analytics”. Learn how risk profiling is done and whether it serves the interests of clients. Risk perception is affected by emotion which clouds rational attitudes to risk taking. Therefore, objective risk aversion is hard to assess. PIVOT’s approach is to innovate beyond standardized questionnaires to identify individual risk-reward traits more reliably via the SqSave Risk Profiler™.

SqSave Risk Profiler™ poses risk-reward dilemmas in a sequence of random outcomes based on relative potential gains and losses. By using behavioural analytics and gamification, we assess an individual’s risk profile based on actual personal choices made in every risk-reward trade-off.

We see tremendous potential in developing new and better ways to capture one’s innate behaviour through applied gaming techniques not just in investing, but also in risk protection (e.g. insurance), health, lending and rewards.

For more information, contact Victor Lye (victor.lye@pivotfintech.com)

PIVOT holds a Capital Markets Services licence issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and is building system solutions for two financial institutions overseas.