PIVOT Wealth launches Novum Alpha blockchain hedge fund for Accredited & Institutional Investors

22 Nov 2021, Singapore — PIVOT Wealth (pivotwealth.sg), the Accredited Investor unit of PIVOT Fintech (“PIVOT”) has launched the Novum Alpha Global Opportunity Digital Asset Fund (NAGODAF).

As a tech-driven digital wealth manager, PIVOT’s pivot into digital assets is driven by:

  • Blockchain as technology infrastructure for the new digital economy
  • New blockchain applications and crypto assets going mainstream
  • Growing investor demand for a regulated, institutional framework to participate in the crypto economy

Soft-launched in late September, NAGODAF delivered +13.22% in October 2021 and +2.19% in September 2021, net of all fees.

NAGODAF is a capital growth fund for accredited and institutional investors to participate in the fast-growing digital asset space using proprietary long-short quantitative-discretionary investment methods. Digital asset selection focuses on the underlying technology stack of a blockchain application and sophisticated factor models determine investment suitability, trade size, timing and risk management.

“PIVOT is pleased to partner Novum Alpha, an early crypto investor, blockchain software developer and media platform for digital assets. Novum Alpha’s founders Christopher Low and Patrick Tan bring a wealth of experience in the crypto space, having seen through the crypto hype and crypto winter and honed their ability to identify opportunities in the space. Their combined two decades trading digital assets have melded quantitative strategies with a discretionary overlay to separate hype from investment value in the emerging digital asset class,” said Victor Lye, PIVOT’s Founder & CEO.

Patrick Tan, NAGODAF Portfolio Manager and CEO of Novum Alpha added, “We’ve learned cryptocurrency trading the hard way so that our investors don’t have to. Over the past decade, we’ve deployed machine learning and deep learning models, statistical arbitrage and mean reversion and found that combining these quantitative tools with a discretionary overlay have yielded the most consistent results over the long-term.”

Only for Accredited Investors or Institutional Investors, the minimum investment is US$100,000. For complete information on NAGODAF, please visit pivotwealth.sg.


PIVOT Fintech (pivotfintech.com) is a Licensed Fund Management Company regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. PIVOT Wealth (pivotwealth.sg) serves Accredited Investors while PIVOT’s SqSave (sqsave.com) is a leading AI and machine learning platform that provides advanced investment tools to high net worth, institutional and retail investors, utilizing proprietary technology that has delivered outsized returns from trading in exchange traded funds or ETFs.

About Novum Alpha
Novum Alpha (novumalpha.com) is a leading quantitative digital asset firm that specializes in advanced digital asset trading strategies utilizing proprietary quantitative trading models.


Victor Lye, Founder & CEO
PIVOT Fintech Pte. Ltd.

Patrick Tan
NAGODAF Portfolio Manager

Christopher Low
NAGODAF Portfolio Manager