PIVOT Fintech, Newland NPT and Sinopay Group Sign Memorandum of Understanding at NRF 2024 Retail’s Big Show Asia Pacific

11 June 2024, Singapore – PIVOT Fintech Pte. Ltd. (PIVOT Fintech), Newland Payment Technology (Newland NPT) and Sinopay Group (Sinopay) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the NRF 2024 Retail’s Big Show Asia Pacific in the Singapore Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre today.

This significant event marks the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing innovation and collaboration in the Asia-Pacific fintech and retail sectors. The MoU outlines the framework for cooperation among the three companies, leveraging their collective expertise to drive technological advancements and improve service offerings.

"We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with Newland NPT and Sinopay Group," said Victor Lye, CEO of PIVOT Fintech. "This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our mission to deliver cutting-edge fintech solutions to the market. We hope that with the proper use of Artificial Intelligence in a compliant, open, and transparent way, together with our partners—Newland NPT, a leader in payment and information systems, and Sinopay Group, a leader in merchant acquisition and payments—PIVOT Fintech can discover new boundaries that will help people across the Asian region and even across the world. We are very thankful for this unique alliance, and we look forward to many years of mutual success and to benefiting people across the world."

The ceremony took place at the NRF 2024 Retail’s Big Show Asia Pacific, a premier event bringing together industry leaders and innovators to explore the future of retail. The partnership is expected to bring about new opportunities and synergies that will benefit all parties involved.

About PIVOT Fintech Pte. Ltd.
PIVOT Fintech (www.pivotfintech.com) is a leading financial technology company based in Singapore that specializes in innovative digital solutions to enhance financial services and improve user experiences. Committed to driving financial inclusion, PIVOT Fintech leverages advanced technology to deliver secure, efficient, and accessible financial products and services.

The company is also regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Its primary service offering, SqSave (www.sqsave.com) is an innovative fully AI-driven investment management service that delivers multi-asset portfolios focused on long-term and consistent returns for investors globally.

About Newland NPT
Newland NPT is a global leading provider of digital payment solutions. With a deep-rooted history of 30 years in the payment industry, Newland NPT employs over 1,100 individuals worldwide, collaborates with partners in over 100 countries, and has successfully deployed over 100 million terminals, thereby contributing its technological prowess to the global payment industry. Its primary focus is Enabling the digital transformation of commerce, powering the digital shift in the business world, and striving to realise the vision that Digital payment betters the world.

About Sinopay Group
Sinopay Group is principally engaged in the provision of professional bankcard services to China UnionPay, Banks and other Financial Institutions in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Sinopay Group is a UnionPay-approved Merchant Acquirer in Singapore and Malaysia and a UnionPay Card Issuer in Singapore and an UnionPay-Certified Third-Party Services Provider.

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